Thursday, May 17, 2007

Allure of letters in old days

Last tuesday(2 days ago) when I returned home after my work I saw my mom sitting on her bed along with so many papers jumbled in front of her. I just lay down on her bed and started gossiping. She was taking one piece of paper in her hand, read it for awhile (those were hand written) and then put it in a bag tenderly. I noticed the papers were pretty old. I asked her what were those... she smiled and replied those were documents. I asked again what documents those were... This time she smiled again and seemed a little bit shy... She told me that those were letters of her early age just after marrying my father... My father lived in Dhaka(the capital) for his work but my mom lived in our village after their marriage for almost 1 year. They used to write very often to each other cause there was no other alternative to communicate in those days... that was almost 40 years ago.

My mom showed some of the letters just to look at those. I amazingly noticed there were poems of 3 or 4 lines on the top of each letter and those were written of their own :) :) :) I was very much surprised to see those so my mom let me read some (not the letters, only the poems :D ) ... I found those are not poems of highest quality but full of emtoions... They tried their level best to express their feelings in those lines :) :) :)

It's really nice to know such kinda thing of own parents :) :) :) and I just shiver thinking how they felt when they received those letters from the postman.

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Gagan said...

40 years later...
Fourty years later..
FOURTY YEARS !!!!!!!!!

I wonder after that long time how you feel ! How much you remember.. how deadly sweet those letter appear then !!

Shopno.tara said...

Each and every time i read this blog, I feel so happy inside. I am posting this comment to note that- its my dream, one day i will experience the same in my life, pray for me that i can live that long having you beside me.

eamon said...

I verily wish your dream will come true :)

Shopno.tara said...

Its a year almost and i haven't got any letter:( how the dream will come true then? It seems someone has forgotten bangla writing or my address, so sad !!!

Shopno.tara said...

Tumi likhoi na amay :(

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