Sunday, May 27, 2007

Foreign visitors in our office

Today some foreign visitors(may be from Japan) were supposed to come to visit our office. I don know the exact reason. Our boss told us on last working day to be well dressed on this day. I am in full formal dress except the neck tie... black plain pant, white full-sleeve shirt, black socks and black shoe. But I found some of my senior colleagues in an eye-popping dress. I dont know why they became funny. By trying to be good looking so much?? May be they focused much on that :D Some look very funny with their extravagant dress and neck tie.

In the afternoon we got a news that the Japanese are not coming today. Everybody looks unhappy specially those who dressed extravagantly :D :D :D Our boss told that they will come later but didn't fix the date yet. Now my colleagues seemed a bit happy to hear that and this time also those who focused on dressing up more seemed more happy :D :D :D

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Gagan said...

Hehehe !

But u know what? One of my favorite "Dress" is tie !

And ya, when someone is not comfortable with the tie on, it really becomes obvious :D

Funny post !

eamon said...

Tie is one of my favorites also :) but I was not wearing that cause it is too hot these days in Dhaka.

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