Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have been rejected for visa by Swedish embassy

My application for visa has been rejected by the Swedish embassy :(

Today shafayat vi, one of those 6 guys, went to Swedish embassy as he was told by them to go this afternoon around 2 pm. He got his rejection letter and informed that all those 6 applications from our office have been rejected. They told shafayat vi to tell the other 5 guys to go to the embassy on Sunday and bring our passports back.

When shafayat vi returned I met him in front of the lift and he seemed so aloof. I asked him about the visa and he told me what happened. The Swedish embassy has pointed out some very funny reasons for rejecting us. I have gone through the paper that shafayat vi has got in his hand. They said that we are not likely to go there for a short visit rather we may refuse to leave swedish territory after finishing our training. They also said that its not like we are going for the reason we have mentioned in our application. They are doubtful about our visit to Sweden. I don't know how did they find those kinda things within us. Do we look like we wont come back to Bangladesh after our training :-?

The Danish embassy has been informed about it by the Swedish embassy before shafayat vi arrived in the office. As shafayat vi arrived our CEO, Jan, called the Danish embassy and the ambassador told him that he is already informed about it and he is gonna solve the problem. After talking to him Jan smiled and told us not to be worried. He assured us it will be solved within tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Let's see :)

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Shahan said...

may be they thought a bunch of ppl going for a terrorist attack!!

ha ha ... just kiddin ..

I didn't know about ur training in Sweden. All the best. Your company will manage ur visa for sure.

and .. dont forget to make a call to Badiul bhai when you are in Sweden :D

eamon said...

hahaha... I remember Badiul bhai and what he told :D If possible I will call him from Sweden :D :P

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