Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My trip has been postponed

Awhile ago I was informed that the whole process of our training is postponed for 3 weeks. Our CEO, Jan, came and told us that we can unpack our suitcases and put the warm cloths in the closet for 3 weeks :P

I am not so sure about the reason why the whole process is postponed. May be Bording Vista will talk with the Swedish embassy about this issue. But I heard from the senior guys that the embassy told our company that they will process it at the end of January. I am not so sure about it. I don't know how Bording Vista will manage the clients. So many things and plans will be changed for this decision of the Swedish embassy. We 6 guys don't have any work for the next 1 month. May be we will pass some lazy days in the office as it will take some time to assign new tasks to us.

I think within 2 weeks we will be informed again what is going to be happened. I hope next time there will be no problem getting the visa :)

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A.S.F said...

Enjoy the time of having a job without anything to do.....;)

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