Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have faced Swedish embassy

Yesterday morning I have faced Swedish embassy for visa. I didn't tell you people about it yet. ok I am gonna tell it now :)

My company, Bording Vista, decided to send 6 guys to Sweden to be trained up. I am lucky enough that I was selected as one of those 6 guys. There are 2 senior guys and 4 junior guys in this team. I belong to the junior group. This training will be on different technologies that will be needed for our next project. The training program is under DANIDA B2B Program. The overall objective of the Danida B2B Program in Bangladesh is to contribute to the economic and social development of Bangladesh by attracting Danish technology and investment to the country's private sector. So all the expenses will be born by
DANIDA. My training will be 2 weeks long unlike the senior guys, they will have training for 6 weeks. So far I know We will be in the city Boras for those weeks. It's a southern city of Sweden.

Our flight is reserved on January 11 and its January 8 today and I haven't got my visa yet haha. I had an interview yesterday morning in Swedish embassy for that. They just asked me some very formal questions like what my name is... how long have I been working for this company... what my position is... what my previous job was... what the purpose of going to Sweden is... how long I will stay there... who will financed my expenses etc. etc. I was in front of the lady for 10 minutes may be and finally she told me that they will call us withing 2/3 days to take our passport back from the embassy.

Right now I am looking forward to get the call from the Swedish embassy. If everything will be ok I will leave Dhaka on January 11 by Allah's will and many first ever things will happen in my life :)

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A.S.F said...
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A.S.F said...

Don't forget to get warm in Sweden....
U can get warm in many way as u like...ha.ha.ha.
I think U should do which would be better for U.;)

eamon said...

Yea, I know there are several ways ;)

Let's see which one I will select for myself :)

A.S.F said...

There is a quote....
"when u are in Rome, Act like Roman."

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