Sunday, January 27, 2008

A tour to national museum

Today I, along with Jashim, went to our national museum. Its been long time that we don't go there. Its not so far from our home yet the last time I visit there was 4 years back. Today we went Shahabag for another reason and suddenly we decided to visit it.

It was an instant decision but we were impressed after we finished. We did it hurriedly yet it took us almost 3 hours to finish. Before when I was a kid I went there several times and I was not that much impressed. But now as I see things from different perspectives I found interest in those things and I am really impressed about the things of our museum.

There are so many sculptures and artworks that drew my attention and I was really enjoying those. Though I am not an artist I found that those really good ones. There are also different types of miniature which reflect the culture of Bangladesh.

Out of an instant decision we had great times of 3 hours. Actually 3 hours is too short. I hope I can go there again having enough time in my hand. I don't know if its allowed to take pictures of the things shown in the gallery. If its allowed, next time I will go there taking my camera with me :)

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Gagan said...

Interesting !!

And I cant even remember when was the last time I have been there!

Damn it, busy life !!!

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