Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rat in the cash box :P

I already told that I went to the national museum today. We had entered into a fast food shop before went to the museum. As we entered the shop and sit there a couple just finished their snacks and the guy went to the cash counter to pay the bill. As the cash keeper opened the drawer he just shouted that there was a rat in the drawer. We peeped over the show cases and we also saw that there was a small rat sitting inside the cash box :D

The shop keeper wanted to kill it but we told him to grasp the rat and throw it to the street. So he just got the rat in his hand and threw it outside.

Is it amazing to find a rat in a food shop?? May be. What are you thinking? Did we leave the shop after seeing that? NO... we didn't though there were other fast food shops around :P rather we ordered beef burger, hot dog and soft drink, ate those while laughing because of the rat in the cash box and then left the shop burping. Typical Bangladeshi people huh ;)

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Gagan said...

It just reminded me of a funny drama. There was a jolly guy explaining why you should burp at the dinner table...

"come on !! If you go to a dinner party and dont burp at the end, the host will mind thinking you are not satisfied enough"

haha.. well dont follow this tip always :D

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