Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life is beautiful

The title of my post is same as a famous hollywood movie. That is one of my favorite movies of all times. In that movie it is shown how beautiful life can be even in a disastrous situation. recently I also felt how beautiful life can be.

I have been suffering from fever and colds since yesterday afternoon. I had clogged nose and terrible headache. I came home in the afternoon as it was not possible for me to continue my work in that situation. At night it worsen. I thought I would take paracetamols after taking dinner but unfortunately no paracetamol was available. My parents are in Bogra for some family stuffs. So nobody is in home to take care of me. I called my mom and showed my grief for there was no medicine. She asked me what happened and I replied "Just a bit fever". She asked me if I went to office and I told her that I went but came back in the afternoon. From this she came to know that my fever is bad now. Otherwise I wouldn't leave office early. I cut the call.

I was not feeling well. I went online just to talk with Liz for awhile. I was having hard time to sit on my bed. I talked with her for few minutes. I just saw her crying. Seeing me that much sick she just cried as she cant do anything about it. I was proud to see that. I signed out early as the fever was getting worse with time. I went to bed and our door bell rang. I opened the door and it was our building caretaker (for your information we live in a rental house. Its not our own house). He was standing with few packets. He gave me those and said that my father called him and told him to buy me those. I saw there was apple, clementine and paracetamol tablets. All my sadness went away and I felt lot more better after getting those. It gave me feeling that life is so much beautiful.

I don't know what happens to other people but in case of me I want much more care while I am sick. I want someone dear to me will sit beside me and gossip with me though I will talk less. He/she will ask me how I am feeling and will touch my forehead to get my temperature. I crave for someone's company while I am in that situation. Last night I was so sad as I found myself alone and nobody is beside me even to talk with me. When I saw Liz crying and then got those things I just realized that there are people to think about me, to care about me. Ahhhh.... life is really beautiful.

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Sunny said...

get well soon shahid. we are also missing one of our bording combinations team member. btw, who is Liz !

Lipna said...

Hey! Get well soon!!
Its really sweet when someone dear care for us and life seems worth living :)

Life is indeed BEAUTIFUL!!

eamon said...

Do I know you lipna?? Can I know how did you find my blog??

Gagan said...

From me and Rahin - "Jibon Japon Korun !!" :)

(If you dont understand, ignore it haha)

eamon said...

I think I do understand :)

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