Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting older

I was going to office this morning. I usually take a bus from a nearby place of my home. There are so many bus services like - anabil, salsabil, tasico, kopotaxo, blue bird and so on in that route. This morning I was a bit early in the bus stand. Standing in front of the bus counter I was looking at the end of the road from where every bus shows up. Several buses came but I didn't take any of those for those were so much crowded. Then a salsabil bus came and it seemed a bit free. So I bought the ticket and queue up for the bus. When the bus came to the counter I saw another salsabil bus at the end of the road coming towards the counter. By that time I already grasp the handle of the bus but as you know when two buses of same route come back to back usually the latter is less crowded. So I decided to leave the first one. The amazing thing is I was still holding the handle. The man behind me was shouting at me and told why don't I get in. I said sorry and left the door and let him get in the bus.

I was thinking about this event after getting in the latter bus. Why I was holding the handle of the bus even after I had decided to take the other one?? Am I getting older to act fast?? Ohh... of course I am getting older but the thing is I should leave the handle as soon as I decided to take the other one. Why didn't I do that? Am I not aware of my surroundings?? My reflex was good enough from my childhood. Looks like its getting slower unlike before.

People grow older with time. Nobody can resist it anyway but its not so nice to see the effect of getting older within you :)

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Amar ami amar shopno said...

It is right that we all are getting older and already we have grew much older which we don't even try to understand. Still now all of us are trying our heart and soul to think that we are still much younger. Our talking, thinking, doing, laughing and lots of other things really don't fit with us but we are just doing those things to keep us young....:P

But another thing I can't agree with you is we are not getting older as you have described. That is way too much older thing to do. Maybe what went in your mind was so deep that you failed to feel and superficially you were thinking to get on the second bus which was the usual doing of your daily life action. That was not the sign of getting old.

One thing that I believe is people get older by their mind by thinking like they are old enough to do anything.

(Eamon... I'm coming back faster and easily now.:D)

Sunny said...

eamon you old gypsy boy :)...

Gagan said...

Yes Eamon, I dont know about others, but I feel it too. Sometims very very deeply. In most cases, when I am having party or having fun... It just pops in my mind, damn.. i m getting older, may be soon this party thing wont make me happy later. just like I dont have fun anymore with video games!

eamon said...

Gagan!!! you don't have fun with video games anymore!!!!! That's amazing man. You didn't tell me about it before.

In case of me its ok not to have fun with video games but its really amazing to hear about you. Looks like we really are changing much with time :(

Gagan said...

Just to make sure you didnt misunderstand, by video games, I meant those old video game console machines, for exmaple, where I played Cadillacs and Dinosaurs! I can still play, but I miss forgetting the whole world while playing. I still looove computer games, but not with the same excitement :(

eamon said...

I got that earlier gagan but still amazing and the most pathetic thing is we cant deny :(

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