Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have a haircut in an air conditioned salon :D

For the first time in my life I had a haircut in an air conditioned salon on last Saturday. I used to have my haircut in a roadside barber shop. Those are named like "Shubol hair dresser", "Haji salon", "New style hair dresser" and so on. Those are cheap and dirty as well. You will see many calendars and posters in those kinda barber shop. Most of the posters have picture of guys with funny hairstyles. Sometimes there are pictures of hindu guru with long hair and a trident in his hand I don't know why. Sometimes you even find pictures of kids where they are reading The Holy Quran though it's a bit rare these days. I never got why those kinda pictures should be hung in a barber shop :-S

Anyway, the last last time I had my monthly haircut I went one of those kinda roadside barber shop. While I was going under the dressing process I smelt something very stinking. It seemed someone was farting there and he might not defecate for 2 days. From that day I decided not to go any roadside barber shop anymore to have my haircut. I have my haircut only once in a month and I can spend 100 taka for it while the roadside barber shop takes 20 taka only :D So this month I did as I thought. I went to a nice and clean air conditioned salon and I liked it.

The salon is near my house. So it wont take much time to go there. I thought they would take at least 70-80 taka for a haircut but for my amazement they took only 35. Yea I am not joking; that's their rate for a haircut. I was really astound about it as their service is really good. I forgot the name of the salon. I think from now on I will have my haircut in this salon :)

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