Monday, April 14, 2008

A very bad "Pohela Boishakh" for me :(

Today is the "Pohela Boishakh", the first day of Bangla calendar. Every year, this is a very joyfull day for me even if I don't have special activities. Without any reason I am happy the whole day. I may not go to the fair but I go out to see my friends and gossip with them.

This year its totally different. I stayed home the whole day. Its a public holiday in our country yet I didn't go out. The reason behind it is I am very much sick for days now :( Yesterday morning I woke up with an extreme pain in my left ear and since yesterday afternoon it started to bleed. I saw a doctor in the evening and he, without bringing any expression in his voice and face, just said that my ear drum has been burst. I was stunned to hear that but the doctor told me not to worry about it. It will be ok under proper medication. I am under treatment now. The bad thing is the bleeding hasn't stopped yet. That is why I was in home the whole day even if its "Pohela Boishakh". I was sitting and lying all the day and I am so bored. So its not a good "Pohela Boishakh" at all for me :(

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Amar ami amar shopno said...

I am really sorry Eamon.

eamon said...

Its ok Razib. The good thing is I am getting better with time :)

Gagan said...

Kan valo hok ebong valo thakuk notun bosore !!

Shuvo hok nobo borsho !

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