Saturday, April 12, 2008

Orange Vs Clementine

Do you people know both orange and clementine? I didn't. Those are of same type but not identical. What we see in Bangladesh we call it "Komola" in Bangla and from my childhood I knew the english of "Komola" is "Orange".

Few days back when we were given fruits around 11 am in our office as there was Jonas, the swedish trainer, he told that its not orange. We were surprised. We knew for a long time that its orange and he is saying its same as orange but something else. Then he went to wikipedia and showed us the difference. We saw that there is another fruit named "Clementine" which is exactly what we call "komola" here. Orange is something different from clementine. For so long time we were eating clementine and thought we were eating orange which is not true actually. Its amazing.

Both of those came from same Genus but their Species is different. Their common Genus is Citrus. Species of orange is Sinensis and Species of clementine is Reticulata. So their scientific names are correspondingly C. sinensis and C. reticulata.

I think most Bangladeshi people don't know about it. If you wanna know more about it check the links Orange and Clementine. If you look at the pictures carefully after enlarging you will find the difference.

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