Friday, July 4, 2008

Breakfast treat from Jashim on his Birthday

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jashim
Happy birthday to you !!!

Today, July 4, is one of my close friends, Jashim's Birthday. Yesterday Razib and Khalid had a plan and they let us know. Finally it was decided that we would go to Jashim's home very early this morning to wake him up from his pleasant sleep. There was another inner plan. You will know it in awhile :D

As our plan we (Razib, Khalid, Shujon, Tasnim and me) went to Jashim's home around 0730 am this morning. He woke up with an irritated look in his face. For sure he wanted to sleep longer today as its Friday. We wish him very happy birthday and then went to a restaurant to have our breakfast. This was our another plan, to get a fresh breakfast treat from him :D

The restaurant is in our area; just few minutes walk from his home. It was not so good yet we enjoyed the breakfast. We were burping after eating a lot but only Jashim was like this :@ and asking "who is the culprit to generate this idea?" :D Anyway Jashim, we had a good time just for few bucks :)

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Gagan said...

Hei, Jashim, Happy birthday to you.

And I dont want to really want to know (coz I wont be able to eat those), but yet I cannot help asking, "What was the menu?"

eamon said...

mmm... I think you will be sad upon knowing the menu gagan. Ok I am telling.

1. Parata & naan ruti
2. Mutton liver fry(khashir kolija vaji)
3. Beef Nihari
4. Chicken soup
5. Daal_vaji
6. Tea

We didn't eat separately. We share all of those to get more variation :D

Razib said...

The menu was not the matter of enjoyment. The most enjoying thing was the first look of Jashim.:D:P

I can assure that if he could find any chance to beat us then he would be the most happy person on that morning.

Khalid said...

That was so fun and I am thinking that we are going to miss a feast in end of this September. :( :((

Razib said...

Hmm.. Good idea Rain. For going abroad Eamon can't escape from us to give us a feast and now another event just added with that. >:D<

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