Monday, May 25, 2009

Four days in Oulu

On Wednesday afternoon I came to Oulu. Gagan fetched me in the railway station. Just after coming home I freshened up and ate rice with delicious chicken curry(vuna murgi) and shrimp mash(chingri vorta). At night we gossiped and played a new board game. Shanila won the game and I was the 3rd among three :P

The next day(Thursday) was sunny and it was a public holiday here. So we decided to go to a small beach nearby. We took different kinds of foods and tea with us and started by bike. Suddenly it started raining. So we didn't go to the beach rather we went to a nearby lake side. We couldn't be there for long time as the rain started heavily. So we returned and watched a movie titled "The last king of Scotland". Its a nice movie. At night Gagan makd a big pizza and we finished our dinner with that. After dinner Gagan and me played chess and I won.

Here are some pictures of Thursday.

Trying to be kid again :D

Gagan was trying too according to Shanila's instruction but couldn't manage well :P

Gagan said it as a romantic picture hahahaha...

Two fellows

Screaming with big grin

Gagan is making a huge pizza

The next day, Friday, I woke up a bit late. By this time Gagan and Shanila left for their own workplaces. I was just in home, browsing and chatting with my friends. Shanila came back around 12 O' clock and we finished our lunch. Gagan came back from office around 5 pm and we prepared "kacchi biriyani" for the dinner. Shanila made "borhani". The kacchi biriyani tasted awesome with the borhani. At night one Finnish couple(Nico and Tanja) came and we played a board game called Power Grid. It was a long game, took 2 hours to come to an end. They left around 12 midnight. We were still gossiping and finally went to bed around 4 am I think.

Some pictures from Friday:

Rainbow from the kitchen window

I am cooking the "Kacchi Biriyani", beside me "Borhani" is being prepared by Shanila

A closer look to the kacchi biriyani I made

Borhani is also prepared, everything is ready for dinner

Playing board game at night

The next day was Saturday, weekend. Again I woke up late. We took a heavy breakfast and found the weather turned into sunny. So we decided to go to Nallikari beach. We got ready and started biking towards the beach. Luckily we found that it was the day of marathon that is arranged once in a year in Oulu. So it was kinda festival mood in the beach area. We were in the beach for 2 hours may be. It was raining at the time of returning. At night Shanila made "chotpoti" and we made our tummy full by chotpoti only. We were very tired at night for long time biking. So we slept earlier than usual.

Here are some pictures of that day.

Going to Nallikari beach

I just stopped to have a look to the marathon, Shanila was still running.

So many participants

On top of a tower in the beach

A duck in the sea. I never saw like that before

There is a platform to get the nice view of the sea

Somehow Gagan grabbed me in a frame :)

With Gagan. Why the hell he is gaining so much weight these days :-S I look so thin beside him :(

I told Gagan, "A mermaid is sitting beside the sea"

Nice shade of light

Getting down from the tower

I was eating chips. I don't know why it seems so weird. May be because nobody eats chips while in the beach.

Shanila was really cheerful. She was making the court of "Ekka-dokka" :P

And here she goes, playing ekka-dokka

Shanila made Gagan to play as well. Look at him, how clumsy he is :D

Playing "Pentago". I don't know why the background seems painted :-?

The marathon was almost finished while we were coming back, people were coming back.

There is the finish line

Shanila made nice delicious "Chotpoti". We finished our dinner with that and we were totally full.

Closer look to the chotpoti

On Sunday morning I woke up around 10 am. The weather was gloomy. It was raining from time to time. We finished our breakfast with pizza and coffee. Then Shanila prepared a very nice spanish dish called paella. Since the weather was not so nice we were just gossiping and waiting for lunch time. Paella is a nice delicious dish and we ate until there was no empty space in our tummy :P Again we were gossiping and playing with some puzzles. In the evening, Gagan made a big cake and we finished half of it with coffee. Finally, Shanila made a delicious "Khichuri" and we finished our dinner with khichuri with scrambled egg and chicken curry. The next day is working day again for Gagan and Shanila. So we went to bed early.

Cake, made by Gagan, juicy and delicious :P

Shanila prepared a awesome "Khicuri". We ate that with scrambled egg and chichen curry as our dinner.

Today I woke up a bit earlier, around 9 am. Gagan and Shanila went to work already. I am just in home. The weather is really nice, bright and sunny. I may go out for biking. Let's see what comes next :)

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And the fun continues...


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nice tour eamon.
just carry on.
say hi to gagan and shanila from me...
keep fine...

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