Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision night with pizza dinner

Yesterday was the final round of Eurovision 2009. We were thinking where we were going to watch the program. As always Miraj vi appeared as the reliever. He invited all of us to watch the program in his home in his giant flat screen television.

We went to Miraj vi's home at 9 pm. We were found that pizza making process was going on. We were gossiping and waiting for the pizza and the eurovision program to be started. The program started at 10 and pizza started to come to the living room. We were watching the program and enjoying the pizza. Seven big pizzas were made for 11 persons. So we could consume as much as we want. The pizza was nice. I ate a lots of pizza and coke. We eneded eating with ice cream and then tea.

I was also enjoying the program. This year the host is Russia since they are the winner of 2008. The Stage was nice and the lighting was also awesome. After all the countries' performance, there was 15 mins time to vote through sms. We were waiting for the result. There were 25 countries in the final. We were eager to see who will be the winner among those 25. The result was declared one by one nation. Finally, Norway won with a big distance to second place. Iceland was in the second place and Azerbaijan was the third. I am amazed, why Finland was at 25th position. Their performance was not so bad I think.

Let's check some videos from the participant countries.

Here goes Norway, the winner of eurovision 2009

Here is Iceland, 2nd place

Here is Azerbaijan, the 3rd place

Here is this year's Finald's performance

And here goes Finland's performance in 2006 when they wins eurovision. Its kinda weird :P

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