Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leaves are showing up

For two weeks now the weather is been very nice. The sun is shining almost all the time during day, and the day has become 17 hours long already. During day, the temperature is around +15, thus, it became very comfortable. May be trees are feeling comfortable with this weather too and that's why I am seeing new leaves are showing up.

For almost 6 months, there is no leaf in trees. I was not able to see anything green even though there are lots of trees in Tampere. I have been seeing thousands of trees, all gray. The blooming started with the first drop of rain last week. The trees are becoming alive again. Hopefully, a week from now, all the trees will be green and flowers will start to bloom as well :)

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Jonas said...

Spring is a lovely time this far up north.
Here the trees are already green, and lots of flowers are blooming, so it will not take long for you to see them as well.

Rafi said...

Here in Trento, Spring was beautiful with colorful flowers and green leaves. But now as the summer approaches, days are becoming hotter and flowers gone away.
It is beautiful out here.

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