Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going to Oulu

Its 20 May, 2009. I am going to Oulu to visit Gagan, one of my best friends. Since I came to Finland, I have been thinking when I will be able go to his home in Oulu. Finally, the time has come and I am going there today.

I have finished my exam last week and my summer holiday has been started since then. I have no class, and no work as well. So, when Gagan invited me to visit him, I decided to take the opportunity and utilize my holidays.

I am going to Oulu by 12 O' clock train. Oulu is at almost 500 kilometers north to Tampere. It will take more than 5 hours by train. I will reach Oulu at 1712 according to the railway service time. I hope everything will be fine and I will spend a nice vacation there.

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Gagan said...

Roger !
1) Prepare for feasts
2) Prepare for loong late night 'adda'
3) Prepare for board gaming

Oh, and of course for the cold windy sea beach :P

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