Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oulu tour came to an end suddenly :(

We have been thinking I would come back to Tampere after this coming weekend. But our thought became false with a tiny mail from my professor. This afternoon he mailed me and told me to meet him in his office tomorrow at 11:30 am. So I had to pack my stuffs up, caught the 05:45 train from Oulu and came back to Tampere.

I stayed 8 days in Oulu. In fact that's a long time. Yet it seems we could not do many things that were part of our plan. Actually, we thought I would obviously stay 3 more days and 2 of those will be in the weekend. So we postponed many things for the weekend. This morning I was afraid if my professor mailed me today and told me to meet him tomorrow and that exactly what had happened this afternoon around 01:30 pm :( Upon hearing my leaving Shanila came back from her work earlier than usual. Gagan came back earlier than Shanila since he was having migraine and couldn't continue working at office. Shanila made few nice dishes so fast and we ate hurriedly. Gagan couldn't accompany me to the train station for his migraine. So its only Shanila who escorted me to the train station. I reached Tampere around 10 pm and entered into my own room around 10:40 pm and suddenly felt so bad when found myself alone in my room. Last few days was really enjoyable. I have few more pictures to share. Mostly of foods :D

Buritos made by Gagan. Just like Shorma in our country

An interesting bike. 3 persons can sit at a time.

Delicious noodles made by Shanila

Me, with tobla :D

Programming solution

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