Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas gift

The duration of day is quite short these days. After 3 PM in the afternoon it became dark. Since I came to Finland I saw that almost all pedestrians wear some kinda reflector in winter. I didn't know the reason at first. Then I learned that it will save you from being run over by a car in dark winter :P It's quite difficult for a car driver to see a pedestrian if he/she wears black dresses and doesn't have any reflector. FYI, most people wear black dress in winter. Even after learning the necessity of reflector I never bought one, I was too lazy :P This time I got those as Christmas gift from one of my colleagues, Aila :)

Yesterday while I was wearing my black jacket before leaving office Aila asked me why don't I have reflector with my jacket. I said I don't have any. She smiled and said "you could run over by a car in this darkness". I laughed at her comment. Today when I came to work I found two new reflectors on my desk. I asked Aila whose things are those. She said it's a Christmas gift for me from her. Interestingly she added that she doesn't want anything in return. May be she thought I might think that she is binding me with the notion of "gift-giving-paradigm" :P I smiled and said "Thanks, I wont be run over by a car anymore :D". I am writing this post from office. I will leave after 45 minutes. I planned to wear one of those two reflectors today while going back home :) I am just thinking which one I should wear, Moomin or legard :-?

Here is my Christmas gift:

I already tore off the box of "Moomin" :D

Both are out now

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