Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snowfall followed by rain with heavy wind

Today it was snowing for quite a long time. It started around 2 PM and it lasted for more than 4 hours. It was a continuous snowfall. I was looking through the window while I was in the office. The streets are covered with white snow within an hour. I was thinking it would be difficult for me to walk to the train station from office.

When I came out of office at 7 PM it was not snowing anymore but it was raining heavily with heavy wind. It was so difficult to walk. It's like it's storming. When I reached the train station I was wet. I don't why didn't I bring out the umbrella from my bag. I enjoyed getting wet in raindrops.

Since I came home I was hearing sound of raindrops on my roof. It gave me feeling of my home country. I used to hear the sound of rain while I was there. It's very rare in Finland that you will be able to hear that. Usually the houses here are almost sound proof, even windows have two layers of glass. Looks like my present home is not like that. May be it is not well protected against cold. Today it seems nice because I was able to hear the nice sound of rain after a long time. At the same time I am bit worried how will it be when the temperature will be 20 degree below zero. Will this home protect me well enough from that damn cold? I hope it will :)

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