Saturday, November 6, 2010

Going to Stockholm: another vikingling trip

I am going to Stockholm today with two of my friends. Atique offered me this trip since he got a vikingline cabin ticket of Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki. Since it is in weekend I agreed to accompany him. We asked another friend, Wali, and he agreed to go as well. So we 3 guys are going to have a nice vikingline cruise trip :)

The ship will leave Helsinki at 17:30. It will reach in Stockholm tomorrow at 09:40. We will be in Stockholm the whole day. I don't know yet what will we do in Stockholm. We didn't contact anybody there. It's kinda instant trip, so we don't want to plan earlier :) We will leave Stockholm at 16:45 tomorrow and will reach Helsinki on Monday at 09:55. I like sea and ship (much more love for yacht). So I hope the trip will be nice and enjoyable :)

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