Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A bad farewell

Last Tuesday was my last working day in Bording Vista Limited. So its my farewell day. Unfortunately it was not a good farewell for me. Really not at all.

For the long visa processing thing I couldn't tell the management in proper time that I will leave in August. In the employee handbook it is written that if any emplyee wants to resign he/she has to give at least 1 month's notice. In my case I could give only 2 weeks' notice. Our project was frozen from July 10 to August 10 as our client is from Sweden and they are on vacation in summer for one month. So I thought it wouldn't be a problem as I don't have any work other than browsing and chatting during this one month while in the office. But as I told them they didn't hear any of my situation. They were just pointing out one thing that I am breaking the rule. As they were telling me that I am breaking the rule I decided to point out one thing in which the management broke the rule. It is clearly written that in every 3 months there will be an appraisal meeting with each employee but for last 6 months there was no appraisal meeting in our office. I pointed to this and for my amazement our CEO, Jan, turned into red. He couldn't answer properly and so did our GM. May be after this they became mad at me and told me to leave on that day. Later, in August, they will give my release letter.

I didn't think that they would do something like this. If I could guess earlier then I would think of some other ways which would be tricky but safer for me. Anyway, now I have finished with Bording Vista. The only thing that gives me pain sometimes is the bad farewell at the end of day :(

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Rafi said...

Don't worry..Something bad is always followed by some good..

Cheer Up!

shahan said...

bepar na.
forget it.

tobe amader wii khela hoilo na :(

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