Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Shujon

25 July is Shujon's birthday and we had a gathering this morning. This time he gave us a breakfast treat in a very famous restaurant name "Ghoroa Hotel" in Motijheel.

We 6(Shujon, Jashim, Razib, Khalid, Tasnim & Me) started around 0730 for Motijheel. As we entered the restaurant we found it so much crowded. We managed to get a table which was not big enough for 6 persons. Anyway, we managed somehow.

The menu was mouth watering. I am not telling it here for I don't want you people drooling right now :D When the bill came to our table we amazingly found the price is cheaper than other restaurant compared to the quality. We were impressed.

Happy Birthday Shujon and again thanks for a very nice breakfast :)

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Razib said...

Thanking sujon for the idea of going over there. It was really nice.
I am feeling sad for not getting any piece with my recharge.:(

Razib said...

Hey... rain.. Bday is a day for celebrating with other and to oneself. If we sleep on the day longer then all will get less time to celebrate on the day.

The other fact is on that day morning was the perfect time for meeting. On the other part of the day it was impossible for us all to manage time for the party.

eamon said...

I think razib is not irate while commenting on what U have said Liz. He was just explaining the things but somehow his voice seems a bit irate :P I don't know why he really sounded a bit irate but be sure he is not :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry rain. I sounded like little bad but I didn't want to mean that. Eamon is right. I just tried to describe the situation. I am not good in english :P:D so that I sounded like that which I didn't understand.
Please don't get hurt. I have no intention to hurt you.

Khalid said...

Its bad too bad, toooooo bad.......
Missunderstanding is not good for "Psychological Health".

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