Saturday, July 26, 2008

My resident permit in Finland is approved

I have got a confirmation email from the embassy of Finland, New Delhi. They said my resident permit has been approved and I should submit my passport for issuing. This mail finalized everything about going to Finland.

I should be very happy upon reading that mail but I don't know why I couldn't be that much. It kinda made me sad. Strange human mind :)

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Razib said...

It is not only you Eamon. Some strange feeling is working among us too.

Rafi said...

সবাইকে ছেড়ে এতদিনের জন্য চলে যাওয়ার অনুভূতিটা আসলেই কেমন জানি। ভালোনা।
Anyway, best of luck!

Khalid said...

We did many things for last time last year!!! Could you remember that eamon? I cant forget those things which we did all togather like a family. I am already missing all those things. I cant make you understand of my feelings.

vola said...

Congratulation eamon!!!!! You are going all alone to Finland wht should u try to do there????!!!! ;)
I think Finland has some less population problem so you have to slove that out.... he he he he he he :D :D :D >:) >:) >:)

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