Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The cruel money matter

All of you know I am preparing everything for going to TUT this August. Going abroad always concerns money. I needed a huge amount of money to be deposited in my bank account to prove that I won't die due to lacking of food while in Finland. That is only a show money. I don't have that amount of money, nor my family does. As a result I had to borrow money from several persons - from relatives and also from friends.

While I was borrowing I had bitter experience. Well, you always will have in such kinda cases. I found asking friends is easier than to ask your relatives while it comes to money. I found people are not so willing to lend money. May be they are giving but not so willingly. It becomes more painful when you get it clearly(if you have some gray matter inside your skull its not so difficult) that the person you are asking has the money for sure and he can give you without having any problem yet he is trying to avoid. I went through all these kinda situations.

Now, another thing may happen to you when you ask someone to lend money. In this case you will find the person is willing to help you though he is having problem. You need money badly, the whole thing will be stopped if you wont get that money and at the same time you know if you take that money he will have hard times.
So what will happen then? I think you will be jeopardized. And when you decide to take the money you will feel so bad, so down. Unfortunately I went through this situation as well and I decided to take the money :(

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