Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunny vi and Nabila apa's farewell

Last Thursday was the last working day of Sunny vi in Bording Vista. His wife, Nabila apa, left a week earlier. Both of them are going to USA to complete their masters in Arlington University, Texas. In the afternoon they arranged a treat for us on that day.

At work Sunny vi used to sit just beside me. We worked in the same team, Bording Combination. So we were very close as we worked together for almost 6 months in the same project. I like sunny vi as a coworker. Nabila apa was in another team yet I was in good term with her as she has good relation with everybody in the office. I respect her for her good quality to mingle with everybody equally.

I don't know why for last few weeks the distance between sunny vi and me increased. It seemed to me kinda invisible distance which can be felt only but still we are good friends and very helpful to each other. They are a very nice couple. I wish them all the best in every steps of their life in future and hopefully we will be in touch even though being a long distance apart. Well, to tell you the truth I kinda envy this couple :P Good luck sunny vi and nabila apa :)

Here are few pictures of their last working day in Bording Vista.

Sunny vi and me

Sunny vi, in between Tanvir vi and me

The Bording Combination team. Mizan vi, one member of the team, is absent there

Here is the couple; taking gift

Unwrapping another gift box.

Nabila apa is playing nintendo on that day. Look at her face; so serious :D

Programming solution


Sunny said...

Shahid, I am very happy to read about us in your blog. we will miss you. but, one thing... there is no invisible distance between us :D. Probably you went to India few days back and that might be the reason for you to feel like you are in distant from us. he he.....

Nabila said...

Nice blog. porey torey to fuley gelam. 2 kg weight barsey :D

m@q said...

সানি ভাই আর নাবিলা আপুকে শুভ কামনা... ইমন তিন নম্বর ছবি দেখে মনে হচ্ছে তোমারই ফেয়ারওয়েল!!! :D

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