Friday, July 11, 2008

I lost the quarter final match

I was already in quarter final in our Bording Vista wii tennis championship. Yesterday was my quarter final match against Andalib, one of the interns in our company. I lost the match by 3-1.

The match was planned as 5 set and each set is based on best of 5 game. I lost the first 2 sets, then won the 3rd set and then lost the 4th set again. So Andalib reached semi final and I am now out of the tournament.

I think Andalib is the best player in our office in wii tennis. He is the probable champion of this tournament.

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Rafi said...

Better luck next time!

Razib said...

It is strange that most of the time you reach so close to the final stage of games. Next time try to have better practice.

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