Monday, November 19, 2007

ahhh... The IELTS exam is over :D

Today I have appeared in my speaking test of IELTS exam that I missed earlier. This test was also moderate I think.

Before going to the center I was a bit nervous but as I entered the room, where my test was taken, I saw a middle aged lady sitting there and I thought "Ohhh... she is not here to kill me; I have to talk to her and nothing else". So I just talked to her almost for 20 minutes. I don't know how she will evaluate me (I am not worried about that :P ) but the thing is I did better than my expectation :)

At the end of my test she thanked me and switched the voice recorder off. I asked her if I could ask one question. She allowed me and I asked how my test was :P She laughed hearing my question and told me "I can't tell that now. You can ask me anything except that question". Right at that moment another question came into my mind but I didn't ask that as it wouldn't be gentle at all :P So thanking her I just left the test center :)

So... my IELTS exam is totally over now. Its a bad feeling to have an exam like that ahead of you. I am feeling good as it's over :) ohh... don't forget to wish me one more time - this time for getting a good score :D

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