Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have appeared in IELTS exam

Yesterday I have appeared in the pen and paper part of IELTS exam. The exam was a moderate one I think-not so good or not so bad. But the amazing thing is I missed to attend my scheduled speaking test. yea, it's true, I really missed it. The British Council was supposed to inform me through sms before the speaking test but I didn't get any from them and I missed it when it was scheduled on 16 November.

Yesterday(17 November) morning I went to the office of British Council to know my exam schedule. The front desk girl was amazed to hear that I didn't know it yet. She was looking at me with a strange look and giving me the schedule for that day. When I asked about my speaking test she checked it out and informed me that it was on the previous day. I said "Good... what can I do now?". May be she was a bit astonished seeing my reaction(I was smiling while asking that :P). But she gave me her assistance. With another strange look she called to the higher authority and gave me the phone to talk to that guy. I talked to the guy and told him what happened actually. His voice was a bit annoyed. May be he was thinking "ohhh... this damn pastoral guys... always creat some kinda problems" but finally he gave me another schedule for my speaking test and that is 19 of this month :D

So among the 4 parts fo IELTS exam I still have to appear in 1 that I had missed firstly :P and as my english speaking capabilty is not so good wish me luck more this time :)

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