Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chicken in the bus :D

There were some chickens inside the bus while I was coming to office this morning. Uhu... don't think that today I took a typical local bus of Dhaka for my ride. It was a bus having counter and ticket(though its not very good but much better than the typical local bus). The thing is that there was a guy who had near about 20 chickens(legs are tied together) in his hand and he got in the bus taking those along with him. The conductor also did nt prohibit him doing that.

When he got in the bus people became so annoyed and some got very angry. Everyone disallowed that guy to stand beside his seat. Ohh, at that time there was no seat available in the bus. The man was coming to the back side of the bus as he was disallowed by everybody and for my grief I was at the corner of the last seat of the bus :( :( :( He put his chickens within my two feet range and stood on the aisle. Within few minutes I found myself smelling something very stinking. Good that I don't have vomiting tendency with stinking thing otherwise it would be a very bad day for me.

People were so annoyed by that person. They were even shouting to him. I did nt do anything without feeling something weird. I was just sitting in my seat and counting down to get my office and finally the weird journey ended after being in that weird situation for 40 minutes.

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Gagan said...

Ok... lets say I am a chicken busines s guy, and i need to go somewhere !
Come on ! I need a bus !
I cant fly with my chicken !!

I know its annoying!:)

But wondering about the poor guy !

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