Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My blog is on the first page of google search :P

I think you people became amazed to see the title of this post. But it's true if you enter "IELTS registration" in google search engine :) This afternoon I tried it and my blog came on the first page, at 5th position, of google search result :)

Here is the background. Few days back I received a comment on that particular post from an unknown person. I was thinking how did he/she get my blog address. This afternoon I googled about it. I was entering different things related to IELTS. When I entered IELTS registration I got my page on the first page. Then I looked at my blog and found that the title of that post is exactly "IELTS registration" :D So what? I am still happy to see my blog on the first page of google search result :P

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Ashfaq said...

Hey Eamon, After 5 days its still on the first page !!!! Bravo...

Maroof said...

kha kha kha. thats why google is for? isn't it? i think you should know the google story and how google search works :P. just google those words :D

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