Thursday, November 1, 2007

My first day in BordingVista

Today on 1st November, 2007 I have joined my new job in the company named BordingVista. My first day was good here :)

The office hour starts at 9 am and I came at 09:05 am today, not too much late I think :) There were 10 new persons to join today. We were knowing each other and moving around because we were informed that the official welcome will be at 11 am. At 11 am our MD(Mr. jan) and GM(Mr. Nurul) took us to the canteen. They welcomed us and explained the rules and the practices that should be maintained in the office. Then Jan showed us the office premises. They emphasize on cleanliness so much. Everything is neat and clean though the decoration is not finished yet. They said hopefully it will be finished before the end of this month. After visiting the office we got our own pcs and own desks. I took the desk at one corner :) I fixed the pc and it ran well. The configuration of the pc is pretty good I think. Pentium D processor 3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive and flat 17 inch desktop LCD monitor. After fixing the pc I went to lunch along with my friend Maroof and another new comer named Mijan.

After the lunch I was online for an hour may be. I was installing necessary softwares. Around 4 pm we had a social session in the canteen. The wife of Jan came and joined us over there. There was arrangement of cookies, coke, sprite and coffee. Most of the time Jan and Mr. nurul was talking. Some of the senior guys also contributed. They were just gossiping actually about informal things and tried to make fun as well but as a matter of fact those were not so funny :P We new comers were the listeners mostly :D It ended around 5 pm and I came here and now writing the post :) Do you people know what thing of thiks office impressed me much? The toilet :D :P I am not joking, yes its the toilet that impressed me much. Its so neat and clean, lots of tissue boxes are there, lots of small clean white rolled towels in the basket for one time use only. I really liked it :)

They said from sunday next we have to start our work here. I am waiting to see how it will be :)

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Maroof said...

Welcome to our new office Eamon. Its good to see old friends as new colleagues. Feel at home.

Gagan said...

Ya I agree..
Somewhy a great bathroom cheers me up too :D

Sadia said...

Its really a very pathetic reality. … I cant say anything more:(

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