Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another training

Few weeks back I underwent the sharepoint 2007 training. That training was not supposed for us ( Bording Combination team ). As we were having visa problem to go to Sweden we enrolled ourselves into that training. Now 2 Swedish guys came to Dhaka to conduct the training that was supposed to be held in Sweden. By this time I have been shifted to Bording NET team from Bording Combination. So I am not supposed to be enrolled into this training but I have talked to our CEO and told him that I wanted to undergo this training and he gave me his consent. So again I am doing the training :D

This training will be on the project requirements and also on the technologies that we need to use while doing the project. They will emphasize on nHibernate, TDD and IOC. These are new to me except from their names :P I hope I will be able to use these efficiently after the training is over :)

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eamon said...

The training is going well. We really are having fun while learning.

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