Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blog fever

I have been writing blog for almost a year now. I used to write things about me. Daily happenings and other things; mostly my personal stuffs.

In my previous office Documenta I also used to write blog but not much as the internet connection was slow there and I didn't want people to know about my blog. So I tried to hide my blog while I was writing in the office. After joining Bording Vista I started to write my most of the posts while I am in the office for the internet connection is much faster compared to my home connection. At first I tried to hide it from other persons but still some guys saw it. They used to appreciate me about it. They used to see me writing a new post on an average of every 3 days. One day I found that Sunny vi opened his blog that he created more than a year back and started to edit the template. He posted few new posts as well. Few days later Mizan vi asked me how to create a blog and which one is the good place to open a blog. I gave him necessary information and 2 days later I found that Mizan vi is adding his own picture in his blog. He created his own blog. He published a post as well. He started to write about technical things. His first post was about .NET Threading. We appreciated him much as we know that its difficult to continue a technical blog - it needs more dedication.

So, some Bording Vista guys are blogging now :D I even heard Tanvir vi saying "ohh... I should write blog as well" ( he calls me dedicated blogger :D ).

Blogging is fun. I hope they will have fun :)

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eamon said...

Yea U like reading my posts but often U forget to read those regularly :)

vola said...

hahahahahahha hahahha haha aha aha ha

Gagan said...

having average 61 page views a day now, I would say, yes, it's fun!! I would love to read all blogs from my friends!!

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