Thursday, March 6, 2008

I have been assigned to another project team

Yesterday morning our GM informed me that from now on I have been included into Bording NET project team. I asked him why and he said its the decision of management. Later I heard that one of the members of Bording NET team is leaving Bording Vista in next month. He is going to Singapore for he has got another better job. As Bording NET project is a running one so it needs manpower immediately and the management selected me to work in that project. The project is based on Windows Sharepoint 2007. I have undergone Sharepoint training when Henrik came here in Dhaka.

Previously I was in Bording Combination team. The 2 weeks training for its project will start on sunday next. 2 Swedish guys will come to Dhaka on Friday means today. I am not a member of combination team anymore but I requested our CEO, Jan, if I can enroll myself into that training and he gave me his consent. So I will also undergo that training.

I don't have any problem to work in any group of Bording Vista but I am already much intimate with the members of Bording Combination team. I was mentally prepared to work with them. We even planned how will we proceed. So I will be happier if I can be in the team Bording Combination.

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eamon said...

I was in .NET team and I am still in .NET team but there are 2 projects going on in .NET team. One is Bording Combination and another one is Bording NET. I don't know why the name is like this :P Anyway... I belonged to the Combination team previously but now to Bording NET team.

Still working on .NET platform :)

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