Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another long over due treat

Abrar Saad, one of my room mates in university for 4 years, has given some of us a treat for his very high paying job. Its very late now still we are happy :D

He joined British American Tobacco(BAT) almost 10 months back. He was saying that he would give us a nice treat for his job. Finally last Saturday he managed.

We went to Sea Shell in Uttara, a very nice restaurant to reminisce our old days. While we were in our under graduate school we used to go there in every semester. We were 8 persons in that group. Everyone had to pay according to his GPA in previous semester. The higher GPA holders had to pay much :D That is really a nice thing to reminisce.

This time we went there but didn't pay for the food. Saad was the only donor. Thanks Saad for giving us such a nice treat.

shahan, shahriar, saad & sabbir

From left Shahan, Shahriar(standing), Saad and Sabbir with a strange gesture.
Sabbir is the only impurity on that day. He was not a member of that 8 persons' group( no offence Sabbir :D )

Taking appetizer

Starting with the appetizer

Enjoying the food

Everyone is enjoying the food. I was shooting the picture

Nice lights

The nice light at the ceiling of that room

Programming solution


Shahan said...

seeing the pics ... I'm hungry again :(

sadat said...

i was invited but my bad luck.i feel jealous for the hungry guys.:D

Gagan said...

I loved the word impurity haha..NO OFFENCE !!

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