Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watch having painted dial

I guess you people must hear about watch having painted dial. I heard about and saw those. Those are for kids only. Did you ever heard that a grown up guy bought that kinda watch considering it as a real watch? I guess you didn't but I just heard something like that.

The training I am undergoing right now is conducted by two trainers - Martin and Jonas. They had a visit in Dhaka city in last weekend. Both of them bought watches from the shopping mall Bashundhara city. Whenever they came to office the next day we were talking about their watches. At that time Martin told us a story about his brother. His brother went to Greece and bought a very nice watch. After returning to Sweden he was showing his new watch to Martin and saying "Look I have bought a very nice watch". Then Martin saw that its all painted; there was no real dial on the watch. He said "Yea a very nice painted watch :) ". I wish I could see the expression of Martin's brother at that time :D

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eamon said...

May be he bought it in a very cheaper price. That's why he was happy to show the watch to Martin hehe :D

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