Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Casino experience

Today, at the end of office hours, my colleague, Peter, told me he and his wife is going to Helsinki downtown to have dinner followed by casino trip. If I want to come I can join them. I noticed earlier today that he was looking for table reservation in a restaurant website. A restaurant where you have to reserve a table earlier obviously will be expensive. I was hesitating but finally I decided to join them.

Around 05:30 PM we got out of office. Peter picked her wife from home and then we headed towards Helsinki. We reached the restaurant, Elite, around 7 PM. It is small but cozy. We were guided to our reserved table. When the menu came I realized that it is expensive. I took smoked reindeer and grilled chicken which cost me 35 euros :( They served different kinds of bread, butter, juice and milk. I liked the reindeer but the grilled chicken was just ordinary. Nevertheless, we had our stomach full. After dinner, we went to this casino called Grand Casino.

The Grand Casino is just in the heart of down town in a big building. While entering, I didn't have to show my passport in the reception since I have my Finnish ID card now in my wallet. Peter has a permanent membership in that casino, so he can offer his friends to have a membership card for a year only for 2 euros. I just took the chance. They took my photograph and gave me 1 year membership card.

We sat on a couch and relaxing but since I entered into the building I wanted to walk around. I just told Peter and we started walking. We went to the slot machine section first. Peter's wife Niken played for 5 euros but she didn't win anything. Then Peter put 20 more euros and spin the machine for 5 mins and he got 30 euros. From that machine he took the receipt and went to another machine and put that receipt there. He played 10 minutes in this machine and finally when he took the receipt i saw 44 euros. So, he make 19 euros in 15 minutes. I was wondering.

I was not much interested about slot machine games. I was looking for the place where people are playing poker, blackjack and roulette with real chips. From the slot machine game section we went to that place where people were playing those.

I stood beside a poker table for a while and I even saw the pot goes over 300 euros when only 2 persons are there and everybody else folded. I was excited to see it in front of my eyes. After standing there for around 10 minutes the dealer was looking at me with a suspicious look, so we just left that table. We stand beside a blackjack table as well but there was only one guy playing against the dealer and he was playing kinda stupid (according to Peter's opinion), so we just left. Then we went to a roulette table. Peter bought 10 chips for 20 euros and suddenly gave me 3 of the chips and told me to put those. I said I don't know the rule of roulette. He told me just to put the chips randomly. The girl already started rolling the wheel. Peter and Niken already put the 7 chips. I just choose prime numbers and put my chips on 17, 19 and 23. When the wheel stopped and the ball fell into one pot ( well, I didn't see it by myself, I was still rattled to get those chips to play ) I heard the girl saying 19. Peter looked at me, laughed and said CHEERS. I didn't get what was happening. I just saw that the girl gave me 34 new chips from her bank ( I don't know what it is really called :P ). Peter split those chips, saved most of those, each of us took 3 chips again and put those in place. This time one of Niken's chip won which she put in between two numbers. So she got 17 new chips. Again Peter split the chips to save most of those and 3 chips again for each of us. This time I put on 3, 11 and in the middle of 7 & 8. When the wheel stopped the girl said 7. This time I got 17 chips again. At that time Peter said let's stop here. He just returned all the chips we won and the girl gave us a single 100 euro chip. OMG, we just played for 5 minutes and we won 80 euros. I couldn't believe it. Peter was laughing and saying "that is called beginner's luck". Peter went to the cash booth and changed the chip. He was telling me that we need to split it. I didn't want to because I didn't buy the chips. It's him who bought the chips and borrowed me 3. Moreover, I didn't have any intention to play. But still he insisted and gave me 20 euros.

We were walking around for few more minutes and then we left. It was quite fun to go there for an experience. I was so eager to take some pictures inside the casino but Peter said it might not be allowed, so I couldn't. It would be nice if I could share some pictures from there.

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