Sunday, October 10, 2010

Early winter this year

Looks like winter is coming earlier than usual this year. This afternoon I saw many trees with yellow leaves when I went out for a walk after being bored in home. I noticed that many trees lost many leaves already. It's only the second week of October and winter is showing her arrival signs in nature. I don't remember about last year but last last year it was November when I saw this kind of change in nature. I also heard from Gagan that this year it might be the coldest winter in 1000 years. They say if the winter is very cold, the next summer gonna be a very nice one. Still I wish if I could postpone the arrival of winter this early. It's difficult to stuck inside home for 24 hours alone. I wish winter will give me at least one more month before shackled me in home.

Trees look nice in afternoon sun while the leaves are yellow.

Few trees are totally out of green leaf.

Just in front of my home, lot's of fallen leaves.

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