Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joined Ericsson badminton club

Since I left Tampere, my sports activity lessened to a great extent. Moreover, I had many problems all around. I have been thinking to start sport activities to recover from mental agony as well as to maintain physical fitness. That is why I contacted the responsible guy for Ericsson badminton club and became a member last week. Good that the new round started from this week.

Today was my first match. We went to the sports hall straight from work. My opponent gave me a ride. He is also a new person who, as he said, hasn't been playing badminton for 10 years. So I didn't have any problem to win today. I won all 3 matches of best of three set. It took only 20 minutes to finish the match. Since the reservation is for one hour we continued as long as we had time. It was a good exercise. I sweated a lot also. It was quite refreshing playing badminton for an hour after a long time. Hopefully I will have one game every week.

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