Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice weekend with few Tamperelainen

It was last weekend when few Tamperelainen came to visit my place in Kirkkonummi. In total four guys came from Tampere, two of them, Saad and Rubel came on Friday night and the other two, Tareq vi and sagor came on Saturday early morning. Wali, who previously lived in Tampere but started living in Helsinki since September, received Saad and Rubel on Friday night and came to my home with them. I fetched them from Kirkkonummi railway station around 12 O'clock at night. We took dinner and started playing cards. We continued until 0330 am and then went to sleep.

The next morning Tareq vi and Sagor were on their way to Helsinki. We agreed previously that we would meet them in Helsinki railway station. We took our breakfast and prepared some sandwiches for our lunch and then started our journey to Helsinki to meet the other two guys. We reached Helsinki around 10 am and they were waiting for us in McDonalds. We bought the daily ticket for everybody and started walking towards the harbor since we planned to go to Sumenlinna island.

On the way to harbor there is one nice park and two nice churches. We took few pictures in the park and then went to the white church. I haven't been there previously. It is a very nice church. In the yard in front of the church they put many statue of bears, each represents a country. We took pictures in front of the one representing Bangladesh. Then we entered into the church to have a look inside. Here goes few pictures.

In the train, on the way going to Helsinki.

This is the nice park, there are many statues like that.

From the yard of white church.

Closer shot

Scattered on the stairs

In front of the bear representing Bangladesh

Information about that bear

Half of the bears from the stairs

Another closer look at the white church

Inside the white church

Nice picture inside

The other side

From this white church we went to another one, a Russian church. This one looks very old but nice though. We couldn't enter into this one because the gate was closed. Here is the picture of this one.

The Russian church

White church from the terrace of Russian church.

From there we went to harbor to get the ferry. Unfortunately we missed the ferry for 5 minutes. The next one was after an hour. So we had nothing to do but wait. So we just roam around in the open market beside the harbor, looked at different things and ate fried fish. Finally the next ferry came and we got into it. It was around 15 minutes journey in ferry to reach the island. The weather was really nice. We visited different places in the island and took lots of pictures. We took our lunch on a rocky shore. We were in the island for more than 3 hours. We came back in the same ferry. Few pictures from the island are here.

Eating fried fish in the open market before going to Sumenlinna

The ferry

The entrance of the island

A church in the island

On the bridge near the museum of the island

Another picture from the bridge

A cave

I don't know what it is but looks good

Another side of the island

The second top place of the beach

This bird looks so real if you look suddenly but it's made of concrete.

Another nice view

I have no idea about this :P

A panaroma in one part of the island

Protection bridge near sea

Just a gate

Sat there to take lunch

Couldn't help taking a picture with that :P

After coming from Sumenlinna, we roam around in the downtown and then decided to go to Vuosari beach. We took metro to go there. It is located on one edge of Helsinki. We were in the beach for an hour and then came back to Helsinki again by metro. Few pictures from afternoon:

The metro station

Inside the metro

The pathway to go to the beach

Vuosari beach

Rocky protection in the beach

We went to Wali's place to take dinner. We met some friends there who are studying in Aalto university. Then around 11 O'clock at night 6 of us came back to my place. We gossiped and played poker for a long time and slept very late again.

The next day we didn't go to visit any specific place. We roam around Kirkkonummi city center for a while in the morning and had some grocery. Tareq vi and Sagor were supposed to leave in the afternoon but Saad and Rubel were telling them to stay and everybody will leave at night around 9 O'clock. At first Tareq vi was reluctant to agree but finally he agreed. But, at night Saad and Rubel said that it's already night, so better spend the night and then leave the next day when I will go to work. We were laughing but finally everybody agreed to stay for Sunday night also. The next morning all of us left together. I went to work and they started their journey towards Tampere.

After a long time we guys gathered together and do things like this. It's very rare to get this kinda chance. All of us enjoyed it much. Thanks to those four Tamperelainen for coming to my place this far and also to Wali to give us time. After they left I started missing good old Tampere life again :( I am hoping to visit Tampere soon.

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