Thursday, October 7, 2010

A day full of events ended with "3 minutes in -110 degree"

The day started with late-wake-up. I was in a hurry to catch the 0859 train. I just walked so fast and managed to get into it on time. When I reached the office the review for last sprint has been started already. I joined right away. After 30 minutes of review the planning meeting for next sprint started. It was a long meeting. After half way we had lunch break and had subway sandwich with the whole team. Actually it was arranged by Peter, he picked those sandwich in the morning for the whole team.

The planning meeting continued after the lunch. At around 1200 we just took an hour break. At that time I accompanied Peter while he was going to Kirkkonummi center because I needed to pick my Finnish ID card from police office and visa electron card from Bank. I got the ID card without any problem.

Unfortunately I didn't get the visa electron card. It's not yet ready to deliver. The lady said she will send it to my home tomorrow. We came back to the office and continued our planning meeting. There were many misunderstanding but finally, I think, we managed to come up with a good plan for the next sprint.

In the afternoon I heard that Peter is going to cold sauna today. I heard about it earlier. It is staying in a room for 3 minutes in -110 degree Celsius temperature. I was quite amazed how can a person can survive in that low temperature for 3 minutes. Today I just wanted to experience this thing. I was not quite sure if I can really survive for 3 minutes but I wanted to see. So I went with Peter after work.

Actually we, 5 colleagues, went there. It's a luxurious hotel. They have this service. We had to sign a paper with all our address and contact information (may be because bad things may happen anytime) before starting. Then they gave us woolen socks, rubber shoes, woolen gloves and woolen earmuffs. We were only in shorts and just put on those things that they gave us. After getting ready, they were giving us instruction how to move the body continuously and how to ask for help if somebody feels dizzy or sick. After the instruction the girl opened the door and let us enter the room. It was full of white smoke, may be nitrogen gas or whatever which made us totally blind and OMG, it was damn cold. Damn unbelievable cold. Within few seconds my nose became numb. We were moving our legs continuously. After one minute the girl announced "1 minute" and asked if everybody alright. Everybody said yes. From the very beginning of second minute my nose was totally frozen and my eyes were getting frozen as well. I was scared and I just closed my eyes totally and didn't opened until I came out of that room. Peter was continuously shouting to make fun but I was not in a situation to enjoy the fun. The girl announced "2 minutes" and asked again if everybody is alright. I wanted to say I want to go out but finally controlled myself and said I am OK. The third minute was ticking. I was stamping my feet on the floor and counting. It was getting unbearable. Every second seems so long. My ear was waiting for the announcement from that girl but it seemed that she was not going to announce it ever. My thighs were getting numb and I was having hard time to move my feet. My elbow was kinda frozen and I was afraid to straighten my hand. I couldn't think of anything else but the announcement from that girl. I almost asked for help and at that moment the girl announced "3 minutes". She opened the door and we came out of the room. It seemed that somebody just put fire on my nose. It was hard like ice. I was even afraid to touch it thinking that it might break. My eyes were teary, I couldn't see well. The girl took us to a salt room full of easy chair. We sat there to relax. My nose was still burning like hell. Peter told me to move it a bit. I started touching it and the burning was lessening. It took almost 15 mins to get some feeling on my nose. We were in the salt room for 20 minutes. After that we just dressed up and left. It was an experience for lifetime even though very difficult to endure :)

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RTX said...

Brilliant writing of feeling! Very Enjoying.. as if i am also waiting for the last minute...huh!!

farzan said...

thanks for sharing such an unique experience. I like the idea of sharing ur writings in facebook. its easier to follow.

Maruf Maniruzzaman said...

You are sharing some presonal information on your ID- Be carefull about it-

eamon said...

Yap, right. I just removed the picture :)

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