Monday, October 11, 2010

Few facts about myself

11 days back I passed my birthday. I turned 28 on that day. This post should be written on that day but it didn't came to my mind at that time. It just came to my mind today and I want to write it here. I am going to point out 28 facts about myself. I will try my level best to be neutral.

28. Eamon is a neat and clean person. He likes his house (specially kitchen and toilet) clean always.

27. He likes to cook. He tries new dishes from time to time.

26. Eamon has a bald in the middle of his head.

25. He is slender but has a slight fat around his belly and waist.

24. He has nice shoulder and chest, just a bit workout and those would be awesome.

23. Eamon is punctual. He keeps time if he gives any.

22. He keeps promise if he made any.

21. He likes to buy gift for people whom he likes.

20. He loves to amaze people with surprise.

19. Eamon likes to analyze human character.

18. He is annoyingly strict. Sometimes people just hate him for that.

17. He never shouts to other even if he is very angry.

16. When he gets very angry or became so irritated to somebody, he stops talking to him/her.

15. Eamon can catch the tune of any song very easily, but, since his voice is not so good he cannot sing it well.

14. He is tactless. If he doesn't like something he says it straight. Sometimes he tells it very harsh and people just don't like him for that. He can hardly tell sweet words.

13. He maintains formal socialization but doesn't like it much.

12. He likes English movies and humorous tv series like "The Big Bang Theory".

11. He doesn't like to show his sorrow to others, he usually buries it within himself.

10. He doesn't face any problem to talk to new people, but doesn't get intimate soon.

9. He loves his family, specially his mom, so much.

8. He hates it when he hurts others' feeling but he does it frequently.

7. His luck doesn't usually favor him.

6. Eamon is kinda lazy about educational stuffs.

5. When he says "I LOVE YOU", he means it.

4. He likes to walk around.

3. He loves rain.

2. People like him if they get closer to him, otherwise not.

1. Eamon loves himself more than anything.

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Farhana said...

Could you please tell me, which year have you born in? 1985 / 1983? You should have use same date of birth where ever it's necessary.

Don't mind please..................

eamon said...

Well, it 1982 in fact. You know the certificate age and original age notion of our country right? That is why in documents it is 1985 :)

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