Thursday, October 14, 2010

Innovation session

Today we had an interesting innovation event in our team. Our innovation coach, Peter, arranged this session. It was actually playing a game together. To him, you need to think a bit out of the box to innovate, and this game helps people to think out of the box.

We, 8 persons (7 team members and our manager), gathered together in a conference room at 9 O'clock in the morning. Peter gave us a short speech about the session at the beginning and then we started playing game. The name of the game is Karoshi. It is developed in Japan. In Japanese language Karoshi means DEATH FROM OVERWORK. The objective of the game is to kill yourself. In every stage you have to find out a way to do so. Some of the stages are really puzzling, you have to think a lot to figure out the way to kill yourself. And, when you figure out the way, you will just say YESSSSSSSSSS. At least that's what I was hearing in the conference room today. There were people aged from 28-58 but everybody expressed joy when he/she figured it out.

It was a two hours session, it was fun. To me, this kinda session adds team spirit to people. I liked the game also, at least it makes your brain think to solve something which you might like :) If somebody wants to try it, here is the link for online flash version which is not good as the desktop version but you can at least try to see how it is :)

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Gagan said...

Valoi mojay aso.
Edike 8 hours er moddhe coffee break newaro time pai na!! 7 hours of coding/brain storm + 30 min lunch + 30 min meeting session :(

eamon said...

Ajke dinta asholeo valo gese... office er pore abar badminton o khelsi 1 hour :D

Kintu dine 7 hours brain storm hoile to moha mushkil :(

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